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Proper lead management is more important than you realize

Sales are the engine of every company of every industry and these sales proceed successful lead generation and management process. A lead management system can make or break a business. It is what makes a startup or a lagging company a challenger or even a market leader. The system provided by Aspire Analytica (Pvt) Ltd is one of its kind. It helps its clients in numerous ways.

  • Maintain secure data on leads being generated from online and offline forums
  • It enables them to label and categorize leads as per their level of urgency and priority set by the management
  • Make follow-up process easy, time and cost saving, guaranteed, and through multiple channels
  • Shows status of lead – followed up, converted into sale, other comments  
  • Shows channel or user through which most leads were generated
  • Shows user through which most leads were converted
  • Maintain data on the lead throughout its life (lead à sale à aftersales)

Some of the most unique features of Aspire Analytica‘s lead management system are:

  • Its dashboard’s bird’s eye view shows which zone is best performing at generating the most leads
  • It shows which industry or segment of the market generates most leads, is most favorable responsive when contacted, and are getting aboard with the company
  • It assists the management better allocate its sales and marketing budgets according to these insights. This further helps company make the most efficient and effective use of its finite resources.
  • It helps better manage the relationship of the company with its consumers
  • It aids the management design and target loyalty programs to clients according to their status and history with the company

Focus on lifetime customer value rather than one-time sales

In today’s world, at the heart of every successful company is to build a long-term relationship with its clients rather than having numerous disposable customers who are likely to make a one time purchase only. Our lead management system is designed to help companies achieve just that. It not only manages leads but equips companies with tools to build long term relations with their valued customers.

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