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HR is the key to success

Core HR and payroll entail a number of HR activities. This includes keeping a thorough record of the employees’ attendance, performance, productivity, behavior, payroll, benefits, leaves, errors committed, and the like. The HR Core system meets all kinds of needs of the company, whether they pay according to hours, days, make no deductions for missing days, or use a mix of these for different categories of their employees. This flexibility allows the business to use just one software to manage payroll for all its employees without any hassle. The tools are compatible with numerous attendance record systems like:

  • Biometric
  • Timecards
  • Web-based login stations
  • App-based logins
  • Proximity cards, badges, and key fobs
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Core HR Functions 

The tools are linked to the cloud meaning that the records can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere. The tools are also enabled with features like

  • Check-in and check out
  • Submit/accept leave and time-off requests
  • Access to common apps through smartphones
  • Uses smartphone’s GPS to track locations
  • Respond to employee requests immediately through an online leave management system
  • Keeps record of all the leave and time-off requests being accepted and submitted
  • Shows employees how much-entitled leave days they are left with
  • Keeps track of overall employee absenteeism rate in the firm
  • Shows average number of hours worked by the employees of the firm over a certain period of time.

How Management Tools work

Our employee experience strategy can help managers keep better, accurate, and clear records to avoid conflicts or disagreements over what actually happened. It also helps them keep better track of the performance of specific employees, making their appraisal easier. They can also check an employee’s performance against the KPIs (key performance indicators) in real-time and take corrective actions immediately rather than waiting for the end of a period to evaluate and counteract mistakes/deviances. The clearer confusion also allows the workforce to know exactly what is expected of them. It creates a harmonious environment and limits conflicts and blame games. It also makes decision-making easier when it comes to deciding who to promote, especially recognize, keep, fire, and how much bonus to be given.

These also help the management evaluate how successful the impact of their different strategies has been in an attempt to improve the experience for the employees. Change in productivity levels, absenteeism rate, attitude, number of complaints and conflicts, rate of employee retention, and other such factors determine the success or failure of different strategies adopted by the management.

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