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What is ERP System?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a system that enables businesses to completely go online. It takes care of the repetitive and tedious tasks of a business by automating them. It also helps various departments and functions of a company to better connect with each other. It has also enabled better management and operations of the business. For example, all departments being linked to the accounting department enables the accountants to keep the accounts updated in real-time.

The automation reduces time required to do certain activities and also the human errors that might occur. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the business leaving it more time and money with better performance to do what is considers most important or urgent.

This system not only help in operating and managing, but also very useful in planning for the future using trends and forecasting tools, evaluating performance by drawing various comparisons, discover new market trends, keep healthy relations with the stakeholders, constantly improving to out-perform competitors. Additionally, it has also allowed businesses to change and adapt more quickly to the changes in the macro-economy and business environment or trends locally as well as globally. This virtue of adaptiveness together with a pro change attitude has helped many businesses grow exponentially.

The system is equally important for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), big corporations, educational institutions, health centers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local and state level government bodies, and so on. There is a global shift in adoption of such systems in order to stay at par with the new and more sophisticated standards operating trends and procedures being set up by this new norm of technology reliant and technology intensive business model. Aspire Analytica is the brand you can trust on.

It’s Modules:

It is a complete and holistic system that a company needs, including several modules such as:

  • Human resource
  • Inventory
  • Supply chain
  • Customers
  • Demand and sales
  • Accounts
  • Operations

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