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Is Manufacturing an easy Task?

Manufacturing is a complex, interlinked, costly and usually lengthy process that needs a lot of resources at its disposal all the time. Some of these resources are efficient system that enable it to function smoothly without disruptions, delays, halts, and so on. These systems gel the different links in the process to assist in efficient and effective completion of tasks by ensuring uninterrupted provision of products and services needed to carry out production.

Even in the case of a service business, there is an invisible production process through which the services are executed. No business – whether offering goods or services, online or offline – can function without a production process of some sort.

Our tools which are made for manufacturing industries identify the unique needs of a specific business and assist in easing its production process accordingly. For example, it enables the managers to set an automated reorder quantity when a certain level of buffer inventory is reached or periodically after a certain time has been reached where the next order should be placed. Our systems can also help businesses decide how to set these limits by calculating and presenting the opportunity cost and cost benefit analysis for each of their options.

What can be the methods to tackle?

Different methods of manufacturing and production can also be worked out and chosen according to what will best suit the needs of that business. These include decisions like what kind of production process to go for (flow or batch production), whether to manufacture yourself or to outsource it, whether to automate it or keep it labor intensive, what kind of machinery to invest into, where to procure the decided machinery from, and the list goes on. Different options and business models can be compared and contrasted to chose the one that best matches the vision, mission and goals of the company. These also allow the company some extend of flexibility so that it can adapt according to need of time. They do so by giving real time data and updates to the company so that it can have a model that allows it to change continuously rather than at some isolated times that cause shocks and jerks in the business manufacturing processes.

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