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What are reporting tools?

The reporting tools are a software that gives detailed reports to its users to assist them in decision making processes and enhance their business intelligence capabilities. It helps transform raw data into meaningful data from which conclusions can be drawn. The raw data is concerted into statistical tools like tables and charts to visualize information and facts so that its easily understood by various types of users. One doesn’t need to be an expert of a scholar to understand these visual formats thus increasing the usability of such a software throughout the company.

Why use them?

In today’s business world, companies get bulk of data on their current and potential customers from multiple direct and indirect sources, however, very few know what to do with it and how to use it. There is no simpler and more efficient method to use data than these reporting tools. These break down huge data into digestible and understandable chunks that help reach conclusions and decisions, test theories and hypothesis, and make some generalizations from the trends that the data depicts. These cost-efficient tools justify their use even for SMEs as they need to directly target their customers because they don’t have excess resources to waste on activities on markets that don’t yield the best results and have an unfavorable outcome of their cost-benefit-analysis.

What are we offering?

  • An incredibly easy to understand and user-friendly interface
  • Real time data update to have the tools ready whenever needed, without any time lag or dependence on employees to prepare the tables and charts for decision making
  • The data can be filtered to make customized charts that show results only for the variables selected by the user to make the analytical and decision-making process even more simple
  • Data security on our highly secured servers. This enables the user to not just use the software to make sense of the data collected using the reporting tools, but also store all the data at one safe place.

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