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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a system that has changed the way businesses were done for the better. It is what differentiates the businesses of today from that of yesterday. It has helped many pro change and technology businesses to gain competitive advantage overnight. It has enabled them to keep better and more accessible records rather than having tons of physical documents stored at a special dedicated facility.

How does it help the employees?

It helps the employees access all saved files at anytime from anywhere, if they are authorized by the management to do so. It saves them invaluable time and effort that can be better spent on productive activities rather than just trying to find and use the relevant documents and files when needed. It has also prevented data from being permanently lost or destroyed due to risk suffered by physical data, like fire, water and tear.

It has especially helped businesses with multiple office through out the world have a common place to save and store the data which can be accessed and used by all the relevant parties in the least costly way in a matter of few clicks.

It has also increased accountability amongst different groups as they are aware that their work can easily accessed by anyone at anytime hence encouraging them to work harder and better. Additionally, the faults and errors become much easier to spot and to figure out who was responsible for them. Furthermore, the speed of work being done overtime can be compared and contrasted seeing how much data is being uploaded on the cloud and how often.


These are just some of the many advantages that a business experiences as a result of investing in a cloud computing system across the firm at all levels. These advantages are increasing constantly in number and magnitude as more sophisticated uses of this technology are being discovered overtime.

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